Sunday, November 13, 2005

This blog is moving !

I totally forgot about this blog, i hope you guys can forgive me. I've started a new blog last week on it's very own domain:
Sex Blog Talk

Saturday, November 05, 2005

TM Blog

Finished Version 2.0 Release of TM Blog and it's now available for purchase. (Specificly For Adult Blogs)

The current MAIN features are:
+ Homepage with Posts
+ Advertising Managment
+ Movie Galleries
+ Image Galleries
+ Categorised Posting
+ Advanced Unique Hit's Statistics
+ FULL Administration Panel

I'm wondering how does this compare to Wordpress


MobilePainter is a tool you can use on your sites which enables your visitors to download images from your site to their cellphone. We have just released a Plug-in for Wordpress which means you can easily enable MobilePainter across your blog.

Looks kinda nice, they even have a wordpress plugin thingy.

Pingoat problem

Pingoat seem to have a problem with their database tables, maybe they should do a fix

Anyone else having this problem when they ping with pingoat?

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in /home/pingoat/public_html/db_mysql.php on line 61
Got error 127 from table handler

Monday, October 31, 2005

How to bring traffic to your blog?

There are more ways to bring traffic to your blog, that is by submitting your blog to so called 'blog directories'. These are mostly single (or categorized) pages whith a lot of blog links on it. Surfers will often bookmark a blog directory and visit it on daily basis to see if there are new blogs around. For example:

Another way to bring traffic to you blog is to submit your RSS feeds to so called "aggregators" these are websites which check your RSS feed for new items. If a new item is detected it will be displayed on the website. This way you will get a big list of new log entries. For example:

Another splog opinion

A reply from hentai kid on netpond that made me think..
"I don't really see much harm in the sort of low content blogs most people churn out, sure they might crap up the search results but that's up to google and co. to learn to distinguish good sites from bad (If it's true they're monitoring users to get cues it should easily sort out fake blogs from real ones). I draw the line at the ones that trawl for content from pages and steal it, it's happened with a few posts of mine in message boards, which I found googling for my nick. Annoying, that."

A interesting article about splogs

A interesting article about splogs:

"At first glance, it seems like a regular blog. But look closer and you'll see there's something very odd about the blog's content: It's very familiar. Too familiar."
How to Fight Those Surging Splogs

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What is a splog?

A slog is a so-called blog which only purpose is to spam..

StarPinger is live !

There is good news for the active pingers with a whole blog network:

Boemeleboemeleboem! StarPinger is live !

What Is StarPinger ?
Take your favorite ping service (pingoat, pingomatic) and put it in a program and add new features like:
* Send pings (What is ping?) for multiple blogs at the same time
* Maintain services (the sites that you ping)
* Send pings though proxies to prevent blacklisting
* And more

Why Should I Use It ?
* No more waiting for pings to pass through
Blog software like WordPress pings with 1 process, this means you have to wait until the process finished. StarPinger will start 3 processes for every ping task, if you have 5 blogs it will start 15 (3 processes * 5 blogs) processes. These processes run in the background, you can minimize StarPinger and continue your work while StarPinger pings silently in the background.

* Use proxies to ping faster and to prevent blacklisting
Most ping services only accept one ping from one ip address in one hour. StarPinger gets arrount this limitation by using proxies, this means you can ping as many times as you want.

* Ping once for all your blogs
If you own a whole blog network you can use StarPinger to do the pinging for all your blogs. StarPinger will become the program that handles all the pings for all your blogs and that with a single click op the 'Start ping' button.

More information
More information can be found on the StarPinger website. A free version is available which allows you the manage up to 5 blogs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Horror stories about blogs getting shut down

A interesting topic on netpond:
"I've heard some horror stories about blogs getting shut down. Other than wordpress, are there other blogs that I can set up on my own server? Movable type?"

Two replies:
It seems Blogger is getting active on removing blogs...

I heard good things about Drupal and Typepad.

If you need a couple of feeder blogs or a blogger replacement you might want to consider over a year in business, packed with features and a service one can trust.

Movable Type is the BEST IMO...however if you are using it for a for-profit blog you're supposed to pay a $200 licensing fee...very unlikely they'll do anything to you, but still...that's why I use Wordpress on for-profit blogs.

Wordpress is great, there's dBlogger too , there are a bucnh- can check them out at

pLog is a newer one-

Free SEO tools - This SEO tool allows you to analyze all of the links that are pointing to one particular website. Once you download and run it, you are given several reports-one of the reports allows you to see the anchor text of the links that are pointing to that site. Anchor text is the actual clickable link text that describes a link. Search engines rely anchor text information in order to "figure out" what a web page is about-they use that as an important part of their algorithm. This tool requires that you install it on your PC. - The Neat-o Backlink Tool, like Aaron Wall's tool mentioned above, "checks your backlinks (only showing one backlink per URL that links to you) and shows the link text used to link to you." This tool is an online tool and doesn't require that you download it. - allows you to view trend reports of a website's current and previous Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and incoming links for the URL. It also tells you the site's DMOZ status (if it's listed in

And ofcourse - I've already noticed them in other threads : - gives u backlinks and future pagerank (and other things ofcourse :> ) - BUT some of its best services are paid ... but even free u can know much things about the site u are looking for (for example how much other sites are hosted on its host which was very courious to me :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How to get indexed by google in 24h

I was just reading Adult Insider another adult webmaster board and saw a interesting topic:

"You probably have seen some of these e-books who unknown people sell for 100$ or something like that promising to learn you secrets which will make you rich. Well i will not get into the details that if someone know such secrets he will NOT need to sell books, he will just be too busy to drive his ferarri and fuck busty chicks.....

Anyway, one of the most exploited secrets is "How to get indexed by google in 24h"
Well you just need back link from a site with PR6. How you will obtain up to you
So, infact it's not that simple at all.
But please note this gets you only indexed! To get top positions you need much more.
In short, you need good onpage optimisation, and better offpage optimisation then the sites you compete with. The offpage optimisation in very short are the backlinks...."

Friday, October 21, 2005

Google PageRank

Google seem to have updated their PR algoritme, a interesting post by slaxxx did raise some questions:

"Pretty much everyone with new'ish sites (especially blogs) seems to have increased their PR, a lot of people are saying PR0 to PR3...which is the case with two of my of which is pretty much brand new and has very minimal backlinks that anyone could get.

Does this indicate that PR is worth even less now, if everyone has it it seems? Also from what I was reading on an SEO board it seems there are an unusual number of old sites that lost PR, and an unusual number of new sites that gained it.

What does this mean in terms of PR's role in rankings? Does it mean PR plays less of a role, or does it mean it plays the same role and the SERP's are just shuffling new sites ahead of old sites (obviously not all...but enough that it seemed weird)?"

Netpond blog

The guys at netpond blog don't seem very busy adding new features or responding to customer calls, there has been a topic on netpond for 2 days and no one replied to it.

Netpondblog date in RSS

"Is there a way to add the date of the post in the RSS feed? Really need this to work for a project I'm working on. I see no date field in the rss feed and couldn't find an option to add this. Please help. Thanks!"


The fellows at thumblogger have launched a new project: a desktop pinger.

I'm looking for a couple of beta testers who want to test StarPinger.

Beta testers will receive a unlimited license which is valid until the beta periode ends. You can manage unlimited blogs with this license.

Please PM me or send a email to "starpinger (at)" (or post a little reply) if you want to join the beta team. I will send you a login account which will allow you to login and have a unlimited license.

Please be sure to email if you find problems or have suggestions of any kind.

What Is StarPinger ?
Take your favorite ping service (pingoat, pingomatic) and put it in a program and add new features like:

* Send pings (What is ping?) for multiple blogs at the same time
* Maintain services (the sites that you ping)
* Send pings though proxies to prevent blacklisting
* And more

The Features

* Send pings for multiple blogs at the same time
* Send pings though proxies to prevent blacklisting
* Maintain services (the sites that you ping)
* Maintain proxies
* Maintain blogs
* Import proxy list
* Import service list
* Import blog from Thumblogger
* Advanced settings (timeouts, number of threads)
* Multithreaded tasks and pings
* No installation needed
* Runs on any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, Unix, ..)
* Helpfull and responsive support

The Benefits

* Send pings for all your blogs with one click
* Ping through multiple proxies and avoid blacklisting
* Accurate and 100% correct pinging each time
* Total control over the pinging process
* Don't wait for your pings to pass through
* Don't depend on free services

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogger confirmed deletion of blogs

Blogger finally has confirmed that they are delete adult blogs. I quote:


We have disabled your account and removed your blogs due to the fact
you have been misusing our service. Based on our records, there are a
number of blogs that are not compliant with our terms of service. This
behavior is not looked upon favorably.

For more information on our Terms of Service, please see:

Blogger Support

The guy replied with a funny reply:
Dear Support,
Thank you for your kindly supportive and very prompt um, supportiveness. I would recommend that you add the words "sex", "porn", or "adult" somewhere there in your TOS... Because they're not there.

Thanks. God Bless.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Warning page follow up

A interesting quote from Mihx on the Netpond blogging board:

"As I mentioned in my post I don't really think that approach is worth much (and I'm not counting the potential legal benefits here, only the moral aspects), however considerable it may be.
There are basically two ways that 10 year old could arrive at your blog - clicking through from another adult related site (unless you're actively trading links with or otherwise try to get listed at mainstream sites) or from a search engine. In case of the search engine (and I don't even want to consider what the kid was searching for ) it's very likely that the link won't be to your warning page but rather directly to one of your posts, category pages etc.

Of course putting up a warning page doesn't take a whole lot of work , so go for it if you like."

Handy tool: back links and link names

I just found this on another board:

This tool will give you the url's of websites which are linking to the given url. It also does display the link name (or title tag).


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Places to submit your blogs

Lots of places to submit your blogs and feeds.

They forgot the biggest and baddest one:

Warning page on blogs

there are a lot of blogs out there, but very rarely do I ever see a warning page like you would see on a free site or something. What do you cats think about this? Do we need a warning page for adult blogs?
I always advise people to put up a warning page, it may not be necesarry in some countries, but imagine a 10 year old surfing the web and clicking to your blog, it's much better to have a warning page that says "adult content in here" than immediately a blog with hardcore pictures all over the place. Better be save than sorry.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Spam & Abusive messages

I know there's a facility where you can see the IP address of the person who posts a message.
However can something be done to block the IP addresses of individuals who do these things on blogs, I have another blog where I keep getting bombarded with offensive messages, along with spam and child porn links. I know as traffic increases in my thumblogger blogs these things will reappear.
Banning IP number doesn't work, i used to have another big service a couple years back which had massive attraction to spammers. At that service i banned all anonymous proxies, i even wrote code for detecting proxies, but it is fighting against something you can't win, they even hack home computers to send spam to web services. So if you ban 1000 ip's the spammers will find another 10.000 proxies to send spam through.

It's a real problem for the whole internet. I advise you to enable the option "Moderate" > "Only comments of non registered users" (only registered users can post comments, comments posted by anonymous users require your authorisation) or even "All comments" (all posted comments require your authorisation).
If you also enable option "Send a email to me when someone posts a comment" you will also receive a email when someone posts a comment.

There are anti spam measurements in thumblogger, like not allowing posting x comments in x seconds.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Not getting banned by

What's a smart way to set it up and not getting banned by within 24 hours for having adult content in your blog. I'm sure there's a way around that by using sex related blogsites, right?
Yup, it's difficult not to get banned by blogger, even when you hide the topbar a complain email from one of your visitors to blogger is enough to delete your blog (cause your now hiding the topbar).

Stop using or blogspot

Over the last month, I've had to delete dozens of listings because they use ( and had their blog deleted.

Stop using them, you'll only get your blog deleted.
Yup, blogger is risky business, you might be lucky and slip through there system. But the question is for how long, you spend days building a cool blog and trading links with everything and everyone while knowing your blog might be gone the next morning. That should worry you.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Manual feed?

I added a manual feed to my websites, but how difficult is it to make it automated? Everytime I write a news article I'm having it add it manually to the feed which is time consuming, so I want it to be automated. I ask you because I know how capable you are from your work on thumblogger.
There are scripts out there who do this for you, you can just host these scripts on your server and include a bit of code in your website. These scripts are called aggregators, i don't know any by name, but i think if you use google a few will popup.

From this evening on every blog on thumblogger also has it's own aggregator (what is a aggregator?)

What is RSS

well I realy don`t know what that is and need to know
Google knows the answer:
What is RSS.

My Blog Is Deleted !!!

I can`t belive it ... my blog is deleted from ....

Damn,I have wasted hours working on it, ....FUCK IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blogger did ignore blogs with questionable content in the past, but in the past few weeks there have been a lot of articles about splogs in relation with blogger. Google doesn't want to get a bad name and doesn't want blogger to be seem as bad or even blocked by certain searchengines. I can only guess but i think that's why they are now starting to add things to prevent splogs on blogger. First the flag feature, than the detection of splogs for the Next button and now perhaps deletion of blogs, what's next?

Hey twan from thumblogger

How do you put images with link in the side boxes, and how do you ad boxes? It doesn't seem to let you do that.
Your first question:
Just use html code.

You can upload "myimg" to ImageTurtle.

Second question:
You're right, it's limited to 5 boxes exclusive the Categorized, RSS and Shared box. But with a little trick you can get as much boxes as you like:
little trick

Note: please use the thumblogger support forum cause i'm not visit netpond every hour.

Use blogspot or own domain?

I missed the blog train and am trying to see if I can still get a place in it. Probably will have to bribe someone to get in lol.

I've been reading all I can ablout blogs, and seems everyone and their dog is using blogspot. I know it's because yahoo and google loves it, and the free bandwidth can't be that bad either, but my question is, do you feel safe there? Wouldn't you sleep better at night if you had your blogs in your own domains hosted at your own server? What if you get up one morning and your sites at blogspot were gone? Could this happen, or am I just paranoid?

Well, this could also happen with paid hosting, your server could go up in flames, but I think you know what I mean..
Your blog at blogspot could indeed be gone one morning, it happened to atleast 2 people on this board. But don't blindly trust hosting companies, there are a lot stories about bad paid hosting. You should do research which hosting company has the best reputation. Do searches on serveral boards, not on one board.

At thumblogger we don't delete blogs cause we allow adult content, blogspot does only allow softcore content.

Blogger Terms and Conditions

If you host hardcore content on blogger your breaking the rules (TOC) at blogger. It's the same thing as you host CP on a adult host. Blogger will kick you if you use hardcore content and any host wil kick you when you use CP.

You can't call blogger risky if you know you are breaking the rules of blogger, cause breaking the rules will get you in problem in any situation.
Well that's the issue - I DON'T know I'm breaking the rules. It's not made clear.
I may be wrong here as I haven't read through the TOS word by word but they state that content deemed 'vulgar and obscene' is prohibited. It's pretty vague, subjective and open to interpretation. I guess it's down to how Blogspot feel about hardcore porn. I don't find hardcore vulgar and obscene but they very well might.
They don't actually define what they find offensive. Is it a clear line between soft and hard? They don't even mention the word pornography in their TOS. (or have I missed it?)
Knowing what I now know I wouldn't put ANY adult site on Blogspot.

At least twan you state clearly that thumblogger is adult friendly thus removing any doubt.

New features at thumblogger

I was just reading my favorite adult board Netpond and saw a interesting message:

A couple of new spectacular features has been added to thumblogger a free and stable service to host your adult text and thumb blogs.

Block template
A new template has been added "Block":

At the moment it has 3 themes:
Black and red
Yellow as the sun

I'm working on a couple of more themes.

The 'RSS box'
Within this box you can specify 3 url's to RSS feeds. The content of these RSS feeds will be displayed on your blog. Your own little sexblogdemon/aggregator. (the number of urls will possible be increased in the near future)

The 'Categorized box'
The content of this box changes when the visitor of your blog changes the current category. This could be handy for SEO, banners and links. For example you can display a Hardcore banner when the visitor selects the Hardcore category.

. Two new field has been added to the 'add log entry' form:
- URL 'Title' tag text
- Image 'Alt' tag text

Message pages
If you now click on a topic link or a thumbnail you will directly go to the log entry page which includes the posted comments.
The blog url's are more searchengine friendly, now everything looks like a directory to the searchengine. Old urls are of course still valid.

Technorati tags
Technorati tags are now fully supported and automatic generated if enabled.

I left out the small new features otherwise the post would be to boring to read.

BIG thanks for everyone who suggested these features.

Sexblogdemon gets Thumblogger traffic

Because did not update the last 2 days (cause a a error in the scanner) i've decided to add sexblogdemon to the topbar at . That would generate more traffic to sexblogdemon to make up the last 2 days of relative slow traffic.

So dump or submit your rss feed to if you didn't do that yet and make a nice profit from the new traffic.

You should take the time and not dump your blog, cause a dumped blog is put in category "uncategorized" and will receive not much targeted traffic. also has a place at the topbar at thumblogger, so you can submit your blog there also, but remember submit only quality blogs at .

Something like blogger

I am looking for more services just like blogger. I know for thumbblogger and netpond service but I need more different ones. so please if you know more of those services list it here.
Thank you

Be sure to read the rules cause 99 of the 100 mainstream hosting services don't allow adult content.

It would be a real shame to have worked a week on a blog including design and link trading and than to discover on saturday morning that your blog is deleted.