Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blogger Terms and Conditions

If you host hardcore content on blogger your breaking the rules (TOC) at blogger. It's the same thing as you host CP on a adult host. Blogger will kick you if you use hardcore content and any host wil kick you when you use CP.

You can't call blogger risky if you know you are breaking the rules of blogger, cause breaking the rules will get you in problem in any situation.
Well that's the issue - I DON'T know I'm breaking the rules. It's not made clear.
I may be wrong here as I haven't read through the TOS word by word but they state that content deemed 'vulgar and obscene' is prohibited. It's pretty vague, subjective and open to interpretation. I guess it's down to how Blogspot feel about hardcore porn. I don't find hardcore vulgar and obscene but they very well might.
They don't actually define what they find offensive. Is it a clear line between soft and hard? They don't even mention the word pornography in their TOS. (or have I missed it?)
Knowing what I now know I wouldn't put ANY adult site on Blogspot.

At least twan you state clearly that thumblogger is adult friendly thus removing any doubt.