Friday, October 21, 2005

Google PageRank

Google seem to have updated their PR algoritme, a interesting post by slaxxx did raise some questions:

"Pretty much everyone with new'ish sites (especially blogs) seems to have increased their PR, a lot of people are saying PR0 to PR3...which is the case with two of my of which is pretty much brand new and has very minimal backlinks that anyone could get.

Does this indicate that PR is worth even less now, if everyone has it it seems? Also from what I was reading on an SEO board it seems there are an unusual number of old sites that lost PR, and an unusual number of new sites that gained it.

What does this mean in terms of PR's role in rankings? Does it mean PR plays less of a role, or does it mean it plays the same role and the SERP's are just shuffling new sites ahead of old sites (obviously not all...but enough that it seemed weird)?"