Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Horror stories about blogs getting shut down

A interesting topic on netpond:
"I've heard some horror stories about blogs getting shut down. Other than wordpress, are there other blogs that I can set up on my own server? Movable type?"

Two replies:
It seems Blogger is getting active on removing blogs...

I heard good things about Drupal and Typepad.

If you need a couple of feeder blogs or a blogger replacement you might want to consider over a year in business, packed with features and a service one can trust.

Movable Type is the BEST IMO...however if you are using it for a for-profit blog you're supposed to pay a $200 licensing fee...very unlikely they'll do anything to you, but still...that's why I use Wordpress on for-profit blogs.

Wordpress is great, there's dBlogger too , there are a bucnh- can check them out at

pLog is a newer one-