Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How to get indexed by google in 24h

I was just reading Adult Insider another adult webmaster board and saw a interesting topic:

"You probably have seen some of these e-books who unknown people sell for 100$ or something like that promising to learn you secrets which will make you rich. Well i will not get into the details that if someone know such secrets he will NOT need to sell books, he will just be too busy to drive his ferarri and fuck busty chicks.....

Anyway, one of the most exploited secrets is "How to get indexed by google in 24h"
Well you just need back link from a site with PR6. How you will obtain it....is up to you
So, infact it's not that simple at all.
But please note this gets you only indexed! To get top positions you need much more.
In short, you need good onpage optimisation, and better offpage optimisation then the sites you compete with. The offpage optimisation in very short are the backlinks...."