Sunday, October 02, 2005

New features at thumblogger

I was just reading my favorite adult board Netpond and saw a interesting message:

A couple of new spectacular features has been added to thumblogger a free and stable service to host your adult text and thumb blogs.

Block template
A new template has been added "Block":

At the moment it has 3 themes:
Black and red
Yellow as the sun

I'm working on a couple of more themes.

The 'RSS box'
Within this box you can specify 3 url's to RSS feeds. The content of these RSS feeds will be displayed on your blog. Your own little sexblogdemon/aggregator. (the number of urls will possible be increased in the near future)

The 'Categorized box'
The content of this box changes when the visitor of your blog changes the current category. This could be handy for SEO, banners and links. For example you can display a Hardcore banner when the visitor selects the Hardcore category.

. Two new field has been added to the 'add log entry' form:
- URL 'Title' tag text
- Image 'Alt' tag text

Message pages
If you now click on a topic link or a thumbnail you will directly go to the log entry page which includes the posted comments.
The blog url's are more searchengine friendly, now everything looks like a directory to the searchengine. Old urls are of course still valid.

Technorati tags
Technorati tags are now fully supported and automatic generated if enabled.

I left out the small new features otherwise the post would be to boring to read.

BIG thanks for everyone who suggested these features.