Thursday, October 27, 2005

StarPinger is live !

There is good news for the active pingers with a whole blog network:

Boemeleboemeleboem! StarPinger is live !

What Is StarPinger ?
Take your favorite ping service (pingoat, pingomatic) and put it in a program and add new features like:
* Send pings (What is ping?) for multiple blogs at the same time
* Maintain services (the sites that you ping)
* Send pings though proxies to prevent blacklisting
* And more

Why Should I Use It ?
* No more waiting for pings to pass through
Blog software like WordPress pings with 1 process, this means you have to wait until the process finished. StarPinger will start 3 processes for every ping task, if you have 5 blogs it will start 15 (3 processes * 5 blogs) processes. These processes run in the background, you can minimize StarPinger and continue your work while StarPinger pings silently in the background.

* Use proxies to ping faster and to prevent blacklisting
Most ping services only accept one ping from one ip address in one hour. StarPinger gets arrount this limitation by using proxies, this means you can ping as many times as you want.

* Ping once for all your blogs
If you own a whole blog network you can use StarPinger to do the pinging for all your blogs. StarPinger will become the program that handles all the pings for all your blogs and that with a single click op the 'Start ping' button.

More information
More information can be found on the StarPinger website. A free version is available which allows you the manage up to 5 blogs.