Sunday, October 02, 2005

Use blogspot or own domain?

I missed the blog train and am trying to see if I can still get a place in it. Probably will have to bribe someone to get in lol.

I've been reading all I can ablout blogs, and seems everyone and their dog is using blogspot. I know it's because yahoo and google loves it, and the free bandwidth can't be that bad either, but my question is, do you feel safe there? Wouldn't you sleep better at night if you had your blogs in your own domains hosted at your own server? What if you get up one morning and your sites at blogspot were gone? Could this happen, or am I just paranoid?

Well, this could also happen with paid hosting, your server could go up in flames, but I think you know what I mean..
Your blog at blogspot could indeed be gone one morning, it happened to atleast 2 people on this board. But don't blindly trust hosting companies, there are a lot stories about bad paid hosting. You should do research which hosting company has the best reputation. Do searches on serveral boards, not on one board.

At thumblogger we don't delete blogs cause we allow adult content, blogspot does only allow softcore content.