Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogger confirmed deletion of blogs

Blogger finally has confirmed that they are delete adult blogs. I quote:


We have disabled your account and removed your blogs due to the fact
you have been misusing our service. Based on our records, there are a
number of blogs that are not compliant with our terms of service. This
behavior is not looked upon favorably.

For more information on our Terms of Service, please see:

Blogger Support

The guy replied with a funny reply:
Dear Support,
Thank you for your kindly supportive and very prompt um, supportiveness. I would recommend that you add the words "sex", "porn", or "adult" somewhere there in your TOS... Because they're not there.

Thanks. God Bless.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Warning page follow up

A interesting quote from Mihx on the Netpond blogging board:

"As I mentioned in my post I don't really think that approach is worth much (and I'm not counting the potential legal benefits here, only the moral aspects), however considerable it may be.
There are basically two ways that 10 year old could arrive at your blog - clicking through from another adult related site (unless you're actively trading links with or otherwise try to get listed at mainstream sites) or from a search engine. In case of the search engine (and I don't even want to consider what the kid was searching for ) it's very likely that the link won't be to your warning page but rather directly to one of your posts, category pages etc.

Of course putting up a warning page doesn't take a whole lot of work , so go for it if you like."

Handy tool: back links and link names

I just found this on another board:

This tool will give you the url's of websites which are linking to the given url. It also does display the link name (or title tag).