Thursday, October 27, 2005

What is a splog?

A slog is a so-called blog which only purpose is to spam..

StarPinger is live !

There is good news for the active pingers with a whole blog network:

Boemeleboemeleboem! StarPinger is live !

What Is StarPinger ?
Take your favorite ping service (pingoat, pingomatic) and put it in a program and add new features like:
* Send pings (What is ping?) for multiple blogs at the same time
* Maintain services (the sites that you ping)
* Send pings though proxies to prevent blacklisting
* And more

Why Should I Use It ?
* No more waiting for pings to pass through
Blog software like WordPress pings with 1 process, this means you have to wait until the process finished. StarPinger will start 3 processes for every ping task, if you have 5 blogs it will start 15 (3 processes * 5 blogs) processes. These processes run in the background, you can minimize StarPinger and continue your work while StarPinger pings silently in the background.

* Use proxies to ping faster and to prevent blacklisting
Most ping services only accept one ping from one ip address in one hour. StarPinger gets arrount this limitation by using proxies, this means you can ping as many times as you want.

* Ping once for all your blogs
If you own a whole blog network you can use StarPinger to do the pinging for all your blogs. StarPinger will become the program that handles all the pings for all your blogs and that with a single click op the 'Start ping' button.

More information
More information can be found on the StarPinger website. A free version is available which allows you the manage up to 5 blogs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Horror stories about blogs getting shut down

A interesting topic on netpond:
"I've heard some horror stories about blogs getting shut down. Other than wordpress, are there other blogs that I can set up on my own server? Movable type?"

Two replies:
It seems Blogger is getting active on removing blogs...

I heard good things about Drupal and Typepad.

If you need a couple of feeder blogs or a blogger replacement you might want to consider over a year in business, packed with features and a service one can trust.

Movable Type is the BEST IMO...however if you are using it for a for-profit blog you're supposed to pay a $200 licensing fee...very unlikely they'll do anything to you, but still...that's why I use Wordpress on for-profit blogs.

Wordpress is great, there's dBlogger too , there are a bucnh- can check them out at

pLog is a newer one-

Free SEO tools - This SEO tool allows you to analyze all of the links that are pointing to one particular website. Once you download and run it, you are given several reports-one of the reports allows you to see the anchor text of the links that are pointing to that site. Anchor text is the actual clickable link text that describes a link. Search engines rely anchor text information in order to "figure out" what a web page is about-they use that as an important part of their algorithm. This tool requires that you install it on your PC. - The Neat-o Backlink Tool, like Aaron Wall's tool mentioned above, "checks your backlinks (only showing one backlink per URL that links to you) and shows the link text used to link to you." This tool is an online tool and doesn't require that you download it. - allows you to view trend reports of a website's current and previous Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and incoming links for the URL. It also tells you the site's DMOZ status (if it's listed in

And ofcourse - I've already noticed them in other threads : - gives u backlinks and future pagerank (and other things ofcourse :> ) - BUT some of its best services are paid ... but even free u can know much things about the site u are looking for (for example how much other sites are hosted on its host which was very courious to me :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How to get indexed by google in 24h

I was just reading Adult Insider another adult webmaster board and saw a interesting topic:

"You probably have seen some of these e-books who unknown people sell for 100$ or something like that promising to learn you secrets which will make you rich. Well i will not get into the details that if someone know such secrets he will NOT need to sell books, he will just be too busy to drive his ferarri and fuck busty chicks.....

Anyway, one of the most exploited secrets is "How to get indexed by google in 24h"
Well you just need back link from a site with PR6. How you will obtain up to you
So, infact it's not that simple at all.
But please note this gets you only indexed! To get top positions you need much more.
In short, you need good onpage optimisation, and better offpage optimisation then the sites you compete with. The offpage optimisation in very short are the backlinks...."